Notice Of Service Interruption
Sunday, September 30, 3018

This is to give to notice to vistors to Mike & Bernie's Website that the site will be offline on Sunday, September 30, 3018 from approximately 0900 PDT (1600 UTC) until 1700 PDT (01/0000 UTC, October 2018) due to a scheduled power outage. I will be taking the webserver and weather computers offline for the duration of the outage to conserve battery power, and hopefully preclude the requirement to operate our backup generator. Once the outage has concluded, and the power has stabilized, I will restart the webserver and weather computer.

BC Hydro has given notice of this outage as they need to perform some major work on the power lines, and possibly the Great Central Lake Substation (not confirmed, but based on the message that was left on my answering machine). Given the work to be completed, it would be safer to de-energize the feed lines to the west coast. Crews will endeavour to complete the work as quickly as possible, but as always, things can go sideways and extend the outge.

I do apologize for any possible inconvenience this might cause, and will get the site back online as soon as possible after the power has been restored.

Mike Shepherd,
Website Administrator,
Mike & Bernie's Website

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